David Jason 'always wondered' about character

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  • 20 November 2013
Sir David Jason

Sir David Jason

Sir David Jason says the forthcoming 'Open All Hours' special came from an "innocent" meeting as he was wondering what could have become of his character

tuttering shopkeeper Arkwright, played by the late Ronnie Barker, has long since passed on and his hapless nephew is in charge of the tiny Yorkshire grocery shop in a new story called Still Open All Hours, penning by original writer Roy Clarke.

Sir David Jason had always wondered what happened to his 'Open All Hours' character.

The 73-year-old actor is reprising his role as Granville for the first time since 1985 in a one-off Christmas special, 'Still Open All Hours', and says the idea for the show - which is penned by original writer Roy Clarke - came from an "innocent" remark in a meeting.

David - who starred with the late Ronnie Barker in the original series - explained: "It all came about from a very innocent meeting with the BBC's Head of Comedy.

"I just happened to say, 'Whatever happened to Granville?' and it snowballed from there.

"It genuinely was a question that's always been on my mind. I always thought that if ­Granville came back, he should have Arkwright's stutter because I do a very good impersonation of Ronnie."

And the veteran actor is delighted by the response that news of the show's return has received.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Everybody has been so positive.

"They smile and laugh as soon as you mention it. Nobody says, 'Why are you doing that? It's been and gone.' There are generations nostalgic for some of the old shows."

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