Emmerdale slam 'disrespectful' Danny Dyer

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  • 18 November 2013
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

The cast of 'Emmerdale' have slammed "disrespectful" Danny Dyer after he claimed he's been called in to boost ratings for 'EastEnders' because they're getting beaten by a "farm"

The cast of 'Emmerdale' have slammed "disrespectful" Danny Dyer.

The stars of the ITV soap have hit out at the 'Football Factory' star after he claimed 'EastEnders' was getting smashed to pieces in ratings by 'Emmerdale' and the BBC One bosses have called him in to fix the problem and boost viewings.

Charley Webb - who plays Debbie Dingle in the dales - took to Twitter, writing: "You should never disrespect another show. We should all be supportive of each other."

While Michelle Hardwick - who plays vet Vanessa Woodfield - suggested his "interesting" comments were also ill-mannered towards his new cast mates.

She said: "bet his cast mates are looking forward to him coming in and 'saving' the show.... Disrespecting us and them aswell xxx (sic)."

The 'Business' star has since insisted his comments were "just a bit of banter" and he had no intention of being disrespectful.

He said previously: "It's ['EastEnders'] going through a bit of a mad stage.

"It's all I'm saying, no-one is watching it.

"It's getting beat in the ratings by a farm (Emmerdale).

"No disrespect but it's a soap about a farm and that is smashing it to pieces in the ratings so they've brought me in to give it a little injection of something."

The 36-year-old actor will grace Albert Square on Christmas day (25.12.13) as the new landlord of the Queen Vic after landing the role of "blokes' bloke" Mick Carter, the brother of Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) in the BBC One soap.


1. karen hand26 Nov 2013, 8:12pm Report

Cast of emmerdale taking danny dyers words way too seriously. He is known for his banter and in no was he being disrespectful. Lighten up emmerdale cast! Your reaction could be taken as a sign of jealousy knowing that a star with such a high profile as danny could sink your ratings!! I am a great fan of emmerdale also and even I can see that he was joking! Blown totally out of proportion!!

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