Singles and downloads - November 2013

Singles and downloads - November 2013


New releases from TeenCanteen, Book Group, Holy Mountain and Rob St John and Tommy Perman reviewed

TeenCanteen – 'Honey'

(Neu! Reekie! Records) ●●●●
Sir, madam, for the format fetishist in your life, may we present to you this scented and coloured cassette replete with miniature flowering garden and – hey! – some vintage indie femme-pop, in the vein of the Revillos or Thrum, courtesy of the debut single from Glasgow rabble TeenCanteen, whose colourful idiom and kamikaze tempos are bright and sweet and irresistible. Like honey.
You can listen to 'Honey' at TeenCanteen's SoundCloud page.

Book Group – 'Victory Lap' / 'The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound'

(Gerry Loves Records) ●●●●
The megaphone is a neglected device in the pop toolbox, but Edinburgh riff-pop gunslingers Book Group buck this trend with the drum-straddling ‘Victory Lap’, a bullhorn-toting live favourite, now noising up their debut single (they self-released an EP in April). It’s backed by the axe-chiming, Sugar-y alt-rock of ‘The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound’, which embodies its title, and then some.

Rob St John and Tommy Perman – 'Water of Life'

( ●●●●
This beautifully packaged 7”, replete with prints and literature, is part of the Water of Life collaboration between alt-folk diviner Rob St John and pop-art visionary Tommy Perman (ere of FOUND). Exploring and reflecting Edinburgh’s fluid landscape, it blurs field recordings with folksong, vintage synths and ambient electronica to create something at once natural, unnatural, and in perfect harmony with its source.

Holy Mountain – 'Luftwizard'

(Chemikal Underground) ●●●●
All hail Glasgow’s six-legged sludge-rawk behemoth, as riff exponents Holy Mountain return with the heroic, prog thundering first single from their second album, due to drop (with colossal weight) on Chemikal next year. The hypnotic, mind-melding, walloping narrative of ‘Luftwizard’ (a typically brilliant title) is backed by a mammoth, loin-searing assault on Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’. As ever, they win.
You can buy 'Luftwizard' from Chemikal Underground.

Holy Mountain

Delightful stoner rockers in the wifebeater vests.

Book Group

Fuzzy indie rockers from Edinburgh, influenced by the likes of Teenage Fanclub and Pavement.

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