Interview: Shellac bassist Bob Weston talks to us ahead of the band's UK tour

Interview: Shellac bassist Bob Weston talks to us ahead of the band's UK tour

The trio will be playing material from forthcoming record Dude Incredible

There are few live music experiences like the Shellac one, not only because the Chicago trio cook up a buffeting storm of post-hardcore noise that’s fiercely played and soaked in invention, but because they’re three of the most self-deprecating and wickedly funny individuals to have ranted at each other and their audience between songs. ‘I'm sorry to report that there's nothing new other than us getting older and perhaps playing newer songs that you haven't heard yet,’ reports bassist Bob Weston ahead of their latest tour. ‘We really love playing together and enjoy the aggression and release that comes from a live show.’ When you see them, it shows.

Regarding those new songs, he says that he, drummer Todd Trainer and guitarist / production icon Steve Albini are in the final production stages of their sixth studio album in two decades and first since 2007. It’s called Dude Incredible. ‘It sounds like a Shellac record,’ he says. ‘There are no piano or percussion overdubs, just the three of us playing live in the studio as always, with most of the vocal parts recorded afterwards. The release date will be whenever it's ready to go.’

There’s a bittersweet edge to their latest UK visit though, because the final date of this tour will see them play the last ever holiday camp edition of seminal underground festival All Tomorrow’s Parties. ‘It really feels like a big family to us when we're at ATP,’ says Weston, ‘with the people who put on the festival, the other bands there, and the fans who come to it.’

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Fri 22 Nov; SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 23 Nov.


Steve Albini's uncompromising alternative rock outfit. The Chicago band formed in 1992 and have released five albums At Action Park (1994), Terraform (1998), 1000 Hurts (2000), Excellent Italian Greyhound (2007) and Dude Incredible (2014).