Gary Barlow: Let Miley twerk on X Factor

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  • 14 November 2013
Gary Barlow at The X Factor auditions

Gary Barlow

'X Factor' judge Gary Barlow says Miley Cyrus can twerk as much as she wants when she performs on the talent show

Gary Barlow says Miley Cyrus can twerk as much as she wants on 'The X Factor'.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer will perform on the ITV show on Sunday (17.11.13) and head judge Gary thinks she should include her controversial rump-shaking move - which she has been seen doing up against both a midget and Robin Thicke in recent TV appearances - despite it being a family show.

He said: "It's music - she's a young girl. If that's the way she wants to express herself, fair enough. It's a tricky one because I remember Madonna when she brought her 'Sex' book out and everyone was going crazy. That seemed more shocking.

"But, you know, there's an off button. I always say, if you don't want to watch it, turn it off."

While he is not against Miley twerking on TV, Gary - who has children Daniel, 13, Emily, 11, and four-year-old Daisy with wife, Dawn - has previously said his young ones are banned from watching sexy pop videos by artists such as Rihanna.

He said: "These singers are young, sexy girls - of course they are going to express themselves like that. But I don't let my kids watch it.

"I probably wouldn't let them watch anything like that, it's too sexual for them."

Gary, 42, will also perform his new solo single 'Let Me Go' on the show.

Gary Barlow

Solo from Take That's songwriter-singer, promoting his new album, the cheesily titled Since I Saw You Last.

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Miley Cyrus

The latest Disney child star to reject their wholesome image and begin the road to rehab, Cyrus tours her latest album Bangerz. Probably whilst twerking.

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