Oh Land inspired by birds

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  • 8 November 2013
Oh Land

Oh Land

Oh Land's new album, 'Wish Bone', was heavily inspired by bird life

Oh Land's new album is inspired by birds

The Danish-born singer - whose third album, 'Wish Bone', was released this week - says many of her new tracks were inspired by her fondness for the animals; resulting in a "definitely birdlike" quality to the music.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've just noticed I have at least three songs about birds on my album. There was a watery quality on the last album and on this album it's definitely birdlike.

"I guess birds are just like the ultimate symbol of freedom. And they lay eggs! Who wouldn't want to do that."

The 28-year-old singer became fascinated with the animals, particularly chickens, after growing up around the "very cool" animals as a child.

She said: "My favourite animal today is probably a chicken because I sit right next to a new bag I bought that looks like a chicken. I just think chickens are very cool, they lay eggs every single day. Pretty much their grandfathers were the dinosaurs so I think they're just very cool.

"You can hypnotise them if you just lay them on their backs. They fall asleep. I had lots of chickens when I was a child. Just lay them on their backs and they'll stay there."

While Oh Land - real name Nanna Oland Fabricius - is an animal lover, she admits she has struggled when featuring them in her videos.

Speaking about her "action packed" video for 'White Nights' - shot by Spanish videographers Canada - she said: "I had to do so many things. I had to ride a horse in the water. First of all I'd never ridden a horse. So that was a bit crazy.

"And then I had to jump out of this cliff into the lake which was also super scary because we only had one take for that... and I was like, 'f**k this is when I'm going to die!' So it was definitely a very action packed shoot and we were dancing on wet rocks and the dancers were falling around and it was fun."

Oh Land UK tour dates 2013:

02 Dec - Manchester, Deaf Institute

03 Dec - Glasgow, King Tuts

04 Dec - Birmingham, The Institute

05 Dec - London, Scala

06 Dec - Brighton, The Haunt

08 Dec - Dublin, Button Factory

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