Miss Bollywood

Miss Bollywood


Let’s be honest, the prognosis isn’t good. But we at The List never pre-judge a show before its arrival. All the same, Shilpa Shetty’s musical star vehicle, intended, no doubt, to cash in on the storm of publicity that exploded around her after her misfortunes on Big Brother has been given a pretty lukewarm reception by critics thus far. While there’s been praise for Shetty’s own performance, little enthusiasm has been mustered for the musical itself. A certain satisfaction at this seems to have manifested itself in her native India, where a good deal of initial sympathy was squandered by an alleged kiss with Richard Gere. Quite whether it was the thought of the kiss, or of Richard Gere that caused all the stushie back home is difficult to say.

The story tells of a young and idealistic choreographer whose first tentative steps on the Bollywoood career ladder are hampered by such obstacles as jealous female stars and lecherous old film personalities. After that, will love and career success perk things up nicely for the finale? I’m sure I’d spoil it for the hard-of-thinking if I told.

Miss Bollywood

Musical extravaganza that tells the story of Maya, a young classically trained choreographer who finds herself thrust into the limelight where she must sink or swim. A rollercoaster ride through the world of Bollywood starring Shilpa Shetty.


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