Albums round-up - November 2013

Albums round-up - November 2013

Photo: Ailie Zee Killer

New releases from Super Adventure Club, Blood Orange, Talvihorros and Ubre Blanca reviewed

Super Adventure ClubStraight From The Dick

(Armellodie) ●●●●
Bands as fun as Glasgow's Super Adventure Club are rare, so this posthumous release is something of a bittersweet final hurrah. Straight From The Dick is a tight collection of wondrously daft songs anchored by the kind of intricate math-rock rigour which normally comes with compulsory po-face. Songs about dogs with double appendages and men falling in love with pillows sit comfortably alongside methodical musicianship – a band worth celebrating.

Blood OrangeCupid Deluxe

(Domino) ●●●●
Dev Hynes is often the man behind the pop these days; writing and producing for Solange and Sky Ferreira – but Cupid Deluxe is the kind of slick pop behemoth to put him front and centre. Taking cues from Prince, but twisting smooth jazz flecked funk into woozy modern shapes coloured with ambient and hip-hop, he's crafted an album which dances effortlessly around genres. Late night grooves don't come much better.

TalvihorrosEaten Alive

(Fluid Audio) ●●●
The latest release from London guitarist Ben Chatwin is the result of two years spent exploring the most desolate areas of London, and its many tales of loss, abuse and drug addiction. Chatwin channels urban displacement into the core of Eaten Alive – his most textured and melodic album to date. His intricate acoustic picking rubs tersely against frayed electronics and splashes of noise, sculpting an engrossingly melodramatic atmosphere of decay.

Ubre BlancaPolygon Mountain

(Clandestine Records) ●●●●
Former Shitdisco and Divorce members make up Glasgow's pre-eminent new instrumental duo. Joel Stone and Andy Brown's debut EP is a maelstrom of retro-futurist noise which nods heavily towards artists like Oneohtrix Point Never and Emeralds. A more robust rhythm section than those counterparts helps sculpt some irresistible grooves though, and tracks like the hypnotic sci-fi doom of 'Hyperion' are sure to sound huge live. A very exciting debut.

Ubre Blanca

Ubre Blanca, featuring former members of Shitdisco and Divorce.

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