The Question: what TV series are brightening up your winter nights?

A selection of your TV/DVD highlights, including Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks and Due South

The Question: what TV series are brightening up your winter nights?

James Duncan Lamont
It's only had one episode aired, but I really enjoyed the new BBC thing, Ambassadors – really looking forward to the next episode!

Anneleen Lindsay
The West Wing … but we are a bit late to that one!

Finally getting round to Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Kirsty Mcgarrigle
Peaky Blinders.

Celine Filippi
Borgen, totally riveting!

Till my dying day … Twin Peaks! Originally taped from telly, now on DVD with Log Lady intros! Awesome :)

Michael Pacitti
Due South. Thank you kindly.

Melissa Steel
Northern Exposure! Fish-out-of-water NY doctor treats the endearingly mad locals of an Alaskan town.

Deirdre Henderson
Inspector Montalbano is worth waiting a week for. Coffee and wine at the ready.

Heather Taylor

Heather Scott
Prison Break and Lost boxsets for me! :)

Breaking Bad. Nothing like meth cooking to keep you warm. Game of Thrones, too. Need that new season ASAP!

Actually watching Hannibal for the second time – pretty decent!

Will Vaughn Taylor

Lisa-Marie Ferla
The Great Doctor Who Rewatch 2013 (to be completed by the 50th anniversary episode). Two more seasons to go!


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