Exposure: filmic vintage synth-duo Ubre Blanca

Exposure: filmic vintage synth-duo Ubre Blanca

The pair's lineage spans Remember Remember, DIVORCE and Shit Disco

A filmic vintage synth-duo whose lineage spans Remember Remember, DIVORCE and Shitdisco, Ubre Blanca invoke Ballard, Kubrick, Vangelis and Blue Mustard, as only a group named after an ideological bovine could. ‘Who doesn’t love a socialist super-cow?’ muses tech-overlord Joel Stone. Who indeed?

Who does what in the band?
‘Andy Brown’s kingdom is the drums: he’s by far the best musician I’ve ever played with, and has a freakish instinct for rhythm. My “instrument” is a big evil rig made of computers, interfaces, midi controllers and synths. I do the visual art stuff too.’

What music rouses Ubre Blanca?
Wagner. I once heard “Ride of the Valkyries” played incredibly loud through an enormous soundsystem calibrated for pounding techno, and it changed my whole perspective on music. Holst, Rachmaninov, Philip Glass, gospel. We fetishise the sounds used by Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter, plus contemporary stuff like Zombi, Zombie Zombie and Umberto.’

Ubre Blanca was a Cuban cow famed for its prodigious milk production. What liquid would you have on unlimited demand?
‘A wine cow would be great for parties, a mescaline cow good for the occasional psychedelic experience, but the best scenario would be the oil cow. Oil sheikhs – they’re the real rock stars.’

You make music inspired by 70s/80s synth soundtracks – do you write songs with film scenes in mind?
‘Absolutely. We imagined our debut EP, Polygon Mountain, as an early-80s sci-fi-horror based on a journey to a planet where silicone is the primary building block. There are vast valleys and canyons of heat-blasted bismuth, deserts of glass … then we discover alien life forms.’

Polygon Mountain is out now on Clan Destine. Ubre Blanca play the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Sat 16 Nov.

Ubre Blanca

Ubre Blanca, featuring former members of Shitdisco and Divorce.

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