Legendary Edinburgh LGBT club night Joy to return for one-off 20th anniversary party

Legendary Edinburgh LGBT club night Joy to return for one-off 20th anniversary party

Joy alumni Alan and Maggie Joy, Brett King, Trendy Wendy and DJ Michelle all set to return to the decks

Joy was one of the first credible gay nights in Scotland. 'We were getting so bored with what was happening on the gay scene in Edinburgh. Alan [Joy] and I were much more interested in what was happening in the wider music scene so we'd head off to loads of raves,' explains resident DJ and co-founder Maggie Joy. They wanted to capture the energy and music they found in the emerging club scene and bring it back to Edinburgh.

Starting as a one-off party upstairs at Calton Studios (now Studio 24) in 1993 it grew and grew until it took over both floors and there were queues round the block. What makes it even more amazing is that Joy was a weekly night. They had struck the magic formula: great music and an unbeatable atmosphere. Word of mouth meant more people turned up every time. 'It was progressive hard house with a sexy edge, quite a fast BPM,' says Maggie. 'Our philosophy was people with the right attitude. It didn't matter if you were gay, straight or whatever orientation.'

They moved several times with pit stops at Wilkie House, Ego and finally the Venue (now the Ingleby Gallery). 'Once the Venue decided it was closing its doors in 2006 it just came to a natural end. I wanted to go off and pursue different things and so did Alan [who now runs the Regent Bar and Café Nom de Plume].'

Now they're back after a seven year absence to mark their 20th anniversary, joined by fellow Joy alumni Brett King, Trendy Wendy and DJ Michelle. 'We are planning an old school 90s feel, all the old team are back together to create that atmosphere again and going back to Studio 24 where it all started. It's going to an absolute hoot.'

Studio 24, Edinburgh, Sat 23 Nov.


The seminal Edinburgh gay night returns.

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