James Murphy: Arcade Fire work was like 'marriage'

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  • 7 November 2013
James Murphy

James Murphy

James Murphy thinks working with Arcade Fire on their new album 'Reflektor' was "like a marriage"

James Murphy says working with Arcade Fire was "like a marriage".

The former LCD Soundsystem star has co-produced the group's new album 'Reflektor' and though he and singer Win Butler had wanted to work together for a long time, they were unsure whether the collaboration would be a success.

James said: "We're in regular communication, so it's not like one day I got a call out of the blue from Win Butler.

"Initially, we both felt that the best thing to do was to be like, 'Work on a couple of songs, see what happens?' Because you never know. It could be like we could spend months on me planning, get there and figure out this is a terrible mistake. Yeah, it can be.

"It's like a marriage, man. I have a process for working that I think was just not that intrusive. It wasn't a hugely creative role in my mind. All I needed to do was just help provide clarity in a different way, so it was pretty fun and nice and everyone was remarkably respectful of one another."

James feels "proud" to have been involved in the making of the album because he thinks it is such a "good record".

He added to Rolling Stone magazine: "I'm not excited about it for being different. I'm just excited about it for being a good record. I'm excited and proud because I worked on it so I feel connected to it in a different way. I grew up in the cassette times, I put one record on one side of the cassette and another record on the other side of the cassette by one band and when I bought the second record I always feel it sounds so crazily different from the first record, and then years later I wouldn't know which record I was listening to. They just kind of merge and make sense.

Arcade Fire

The headily-acclaimed Canadian ensemble perform songs from their upcoming album, as well as tracks from their back catalogue.

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