Maya Jane Coles, Loco Dice and Kirk Degiorgio get ready for Pressure's 15th birthday

Maya Jane Coles, Loco Dice and Kirk Degiorgio get ready for Pressure's 15th birthday

The club's secret? '5am finishes, three rooms, underground & credible DJs, plus people going crazy'

‘We have never looked too far into the future, just the same as we tend not to reflect much on past achievements. Certainly we wanted to build something special with Pressure and we were encouraged from the start by the people who came and made it their club of choice.’ Reflecting on the last 15 years of a Glasgow institution, you could almost accuse Soma co-founder and Pressure promoter Dave Clarke of being ‘matter of fact’, but while the journey so far has definitely been something to be proud of, he’s probably more excited about the club in 2013. ‘We’re glad it’s thrived, and it's better now than at any point in its history. 5am finishes, three rooms, underground and credible DJs, plus people going crazy!’

Certainly, if this year’s opening party was anything to go by, Pressure seems to be as popular as ever, with on-point bookings that appeal to veterans and newbies alike. ‘We sold out on the Friday afternoon and we could have sold another thousand. Everyone was trying to get a ticket last minute,’ says Dave.

And it’s not just the clued-up and passionate punters who gravitate towards Pressure – the monthly guests are equally excited to play. Looking towards the 15th birthday, Kirk Degiorgio, who presents his ‘Machine’ concept, says: ‘Since Ben Sims and I started the Machine parties, a Glasgow edition has probably been our most requested. It's gonna be an anniversary to remember.’ Loco Dice meanwhile, who headlines alongside Maya Jane Coles, sums it up nicely: ‘I had my first gig at the Arches with the Soma guys! There’s that in-your-face sound system and everything is how it should be.’ A simple formula for success and a fitting way to describe one of the world’s most consistent and enduring parties.

The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 29 Nov.

Kirk Degiorgio - Machine Theme


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