Feminist Times - Charlotte Raven (3 stars)

Feminist Times - Charlotte Raven

Charlotte Raven's crowdfunded online magazine asks the right questions

This new crowdfunded online magazine – with a print edition for financial supporters – represents an ambitious venture by its founder and editor Charlotte Raven. It was launched in October, motivated by the questions ‘where have all the interesting women gone?’ and ‘what is feminism?’, and Raven is attempting to create a publication that is ad-free, substantial and accessible to all. The content gathered so far is mixed in quality but admirably multi-vocal, and from the site’s healthy comment sections and growing Twitter following, it already seems to be fostering a community.

The magazine’s main weakness is that despite a clear manifesto, the content lacks a sense of curation and editorial care: an article initially focused on Labour MP Gloria De Piero becomes a general rant about lads’ mags, and a long feature on the history of feminism turns out to be a transcribed talk, losing much of its power in printed form. More successful is Nina Power’s sharp and thought-provoking piece ‘Three-Dimensional Feminism’. But Feminist Times is definitely asking the right questions, and that is a very good place to start.

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