Kings of Leon want new rock band to enter charts

Kings of Leon want a new band to rejuvenate the rock scene and they attribute the decrease of rock music to the increasing popularity of electronic dance music


This article is from 2013.

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon want a new band to rejuvenate the rock scene.

The group - brothers Caleb Nathan and Jared Followill with their cousin, Matthew - are calling for a new, lesser known group, to "bring back rock 'n' roll" to the charts.

Jared told the Daily Star newspaper: "I'd tell any budding British rock bands to get off their asses and become popular so we can get rock 'n' roll going again.

"It's hard for a band like us to bring rock 'n' roll back because everybody already knows us.

"It'll take a younger band to come out and change things."

The band attribute the downturn in rock's popularity to the rise of dance music.

Matthew explained: "People want to hear that repetitive beat and electronic music.

"Our job would be a lot easier if it was the 90s where there was a lot of guitars and drums."

The 'Use Somebody' stars - who formed their band in 1999 - see the United Kingdom as their second home because of their huge fan base in the country, with their latest album 'Mechanical Bull' earning them their fourth Number One on the UK Official Albums Chart earlier this year.

Caleb added: "The UK has always been there since day one.

"We were scratching our heads when we first started the band as we couldn't understand what it was about us that you loved so much.

"Throughout the years the more time we've spent in the UK we've seen the tastes in music and the tastes in life.

"[The UK] loves a good story - something to attach yourselves to aside from the music. I think we give that, so it feels like our second home."

This article is from 2013.

Kings of Leon

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