Theatre Uncut Edinburgh event set for Summerhall

Theatre Uncut Edinburgh event set for Summerhall

Short works by Davey Anderson, Kieran Hurley, Tim Price and more

‘Emma Callandar and Hannah Price established Theatre Uncut in response to government cuts to arts budgets in 2010,’ explains Carol Hayes. ‘The aim was to make theatre accessible to everybody regardless of money and resources.’ Inspired by a 2012 production of David Greig’s Dalgety and Fragile, Hayes and Damhán McLaughlin are hosting an evening featuring the plays commissioned by Theatre Uncut and some of Edinburgh’s liveliest companies.

Each year, Callandar and Price commission new plays from well-known writers and make them available, free of charge. This year’s commissions include scripts from TV funny man and left-wing agitator Mark Thomas, Scotland’s Davey Anderson, Kieran Hurley and Tron associate artist, AJ Taudevin.

Hayes and McLaughlin elaborate: ‘The plays are written to encourage debate and political action: this year, they explore what happens to our political views under an age of austerity and the issues around Scottish independence.’ While none of the scripts are simplistic tracts, they connect with a wider theatrical interest in political matters.

‘The way Theatre Uncut is set up meant that we could put something on without needing a big arts organisation to fund us,’ they continue. ‘We were able to start a conversation about politics using theatre instead of just moaning about the state of the world.’ With Edinburgh stalwarts Bedlam and edgeeradica on board, Hayes and McLaughlin curated a spectacular evening of engaged, intelligent theatre.

‘Initially we thought we might just put on something in our front room: but so many people came forward that it's grown into what should be a fantastic evening at Summerhall. There's a really diverse range of performers: community, student and professional theatre groups. There are so many talented people in Edinburgh!’

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Fri 15 Nov

Edinburgh Unites: Theatre Uncut

Short works by playwrights from across the world, written in response to their current cultural political situation. Featuring plays and readings by Davey Anderson, Kieran Hurley, Tim Price and others.

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