Paul O'Grady wants to go on Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 5 November 2013
Paul O'Grady

Paul O'Grady

Outspoken presenter Paul O'Grady is "obsessed" with 'Celebrity Big Brother' and would love to take part in the show

Paul O'Grady wants to go on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The outspoken presenter - who is also known for his female alter ego Lily Savage - is obsessed with the programme after his sister introduced him to it and he wishes the show still had a 24-hour live feed.

He said: "I never used to have a guilty pleasure until my sister came to stay.

"She said, 'I have to watch Celebrity Big Brother.' And I said, 'I'm not having that rubbish on.'

"Twenty minutes later, I was hooked.

"One night I was sat watching Pete Burns's feet until three in the morning."

However, the 58-year-old star isn't convinced he'd do very well on the programme after asking his friend - and former show winner - Julian Clary for advice.

He told Radio Times magazine: "When Julian won last year, I asked him how I would do in the house.

"He said, 'My dear, you wouldn't get past the first question of the psychiatric test.'"

If Paul does get on the next series of 'Celebrity Big Brother' - which is hosted by Emma Willis - in January, he could be joined by former glamour model Katie Price and comic Joan Rivers, who have both been rumoured to be taking part.

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