Jack Whitehall wants Fresh Meat reunion in 2023

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  • 4 November 2013
Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall has already made plans for a 'Fresh Meat' reunion series in 10 years, despite the show only just entering its third season

Jack Whitehall wants to star in a 'Fresh Meat' reunion series in 10 years.

The 25-year-old comedian portrays posh student Jonathan 'JP' Pembersley in the Channel 4 sitcom, which is currently in its third season, but the 'League of Their Own' star has already made plans for a 'Skins'-style comeback series in a decade.

He said: "We can do one 10 years later like 'Skins' did. After we've grown up and have jobs. Kingsley would be working for some cringe magazine, something alternative. And JP would be ruining people's lives in the city making ludicrous investments. He'd be the rogue stockbroker."

Jack joked Joe Thomas - who plays drama student Kingsley Owen in the series - is in fact much older than he looks, and thinks he will age very suddenly.

He added to RadioTimes.com: "We're worried about looking older. Joe's actually 40. He's spent his whole life playing children and then teenagers and then students."

Joe, 30, quipped: "I frisked away my 20s pretending to be a teenager, and when I'm 30 I'm going to have a nervous breakdown - that's basically the problem."

Jack added: "I reckon you'll go from baby-faced to Mickey Rourke in one year."

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