Burial (5 stars)


Untrue (Hyperdub)


This is as far from the blissed-out Ibiza late-night comedown as you could ever wish. Burial’s intention was to create a soundtrack for a moment in the middle of the night; a moment of dark contemplation and he has does so in his own unique style.

This album is about the phosphorous glow of streetlights, the click and purr of a CCTV camera, snatches of wailing dance music from a passing mini-cab, the rhythm of rain on the roof of a car. Imagine the first Streets records without the vocals, left out in the cold to get all teary eyed and reflective. Driven by mechanical drum breaks and given a wistful beautiful melancholy through disembodied vocal snatches, down-a-well synths and lots and lots of bass, Untrue is both disconcerting and moving, often in the same tune.

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