Steve Coogan hints at 'Alpa Papa' sequel

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  • 1 November 2013
Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan hints at a sequel to 'Alpa Papa' which brought his most famous character Alan Partridge to the big screen earlier this year

Steve Coogan hints at a sequel to 'Alpa Papa.'

The 48-year-old actor brought his most famous character Alan Partridge - who he has portrayed on TV and radio for nearly 20 years - to the big screen in a new comedy caper earlier this year and is hoping to work on a follow-up.

He told Digital Spy: "There's definitely some possibility of Alan having another outing, and what it is I don't know.

"He's not dead, we've not killed him. We deliberately didn't kill him - he's like a vampire, we put him in a coffin, he's kept in cold storage and we drag him out, attach the electrodes and re-animate him. We might do that in a couple of years."

Steve is currently promoting his new film 'Philomena' where he stars as Martin Sixsmith alongside Jude Dench who plays leading lady Philomena Lee and admits he gave himself the "best part."

He explained: "The part I play in Philomena. I wrote the film, I produced the film and I gave myself the best part. I couldn't play an old Irish lady, I thought Judi Dench would be better at that, so I gave myself the other part.

"Had this been produced by someone else I might be on the list but I'd be number nine or something - I just shifted myself up to number one."

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