Tunng and Pinkunoizu - Broadcast, Glasgow, Sun 13 Oct 2013 (4 stars)

Tunng and Pinkunoizu - Broadcast, Glasgow, Sun 13 Oct 2013

A magical, heartwarmingly gleeful set of black tales and vivid melodies

The smattering of Danish voices on the street outside imply that Pinkunoizu aren’t a wholly unknown variable tonight but for the majority, the appropriate reception slots in somewhere between pleasant surprise and revelation. Tempering free-floating psychedelia with the pedantic percussion of krautrock, they send the crowd into deep, candy-sweet dreams whilst keeping feet dancing apace; their impossibly tight rhythms are an invigorating companion to a more exploratory approach to guitarwork. Displaying an affinity for taking a concept and expanding it outwards as far as their limbs can handle, a keen ear for intricate melodies keeps them in check and gains them a few merch sales into the bargain.

Tunng’s evolution has been constant throughout the past decade, but as they lead off tonight on a dreamily lilting ‘Once’, all signs point towards something magical. ‘The Village’ and ‘Trip-Trap’, from this year’s Turbines, are infectious yet infinitely complex in their execution while an ever-growing armada of bells, chimes and whistles lends a fantastical sheen to the bloodstained melancholy of ‘Jenny Again’. ‘Even Tale From Black’, one of their earliest recordings, finds itself augmented by an enhanced sense of futurism, a bluster of synth as forthright as the song’s murderous protagonist.

Their tales of sweet-and-sour women, murder and miscreants may paint images of moodily louche miserabilists but the childlike enthusiasm of Mike Lindsay as he bounces, quips and, during an electrifying ‘By Dusk They Were In The City,’ throws himself into a fuzz-drenched display of guitar heroism shatters such preconceptions. Coupled with the sheer, heartwarming glee with which a set-closing ‘Bullets’ elicits, there is little doubt that, as long as their black tales and vivid melodies keep flowing, the love for Tunng will never dry up.


Tunng are death metal meets folk via machine funk. Expect emotion, groove and a unique sound.