Sterling Ramsey: 'X Factor saved me'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 October 2013
Rough Copy

Sterling (left) with Rough Copy

'The X Factor' hopeful Sterling Ramsey claims the show has saved him from a life of crime

'The X Factor' hopeful Sterling Ramsey claims the show has saved him from a life of crime.

The Rough Copy singer used to be a bad boy who beat up rivals on the tough Sheffield estate where he was brought up, but his shot at stardom has helped him turn his life around.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I got into a few fights with other boys in the area from different schools.

"I hung around with a group of friends and we ended up getting into a few scrapes.

"We weren't a gang but a group of friends who admittedly used to get into a little trouble every now and again.

"There was never any serious violence or weapons involved. We didn't mean any harm or menace to anyone."

Sterling's mother was determined for him not to fall into a life of gangs and violence - like his two cousins, who are now both in jail for murder - and moved him to a different school in Nottingham.

He added: "It was at this point I realised I wanted more from life. I finished school in Nottingham and then moved to London to pursue music and have never looked back.

"When I moved to London, I went to a stage school and did ballet and singing, all that stuff.

"I saw musical theatre and all these different things and I just wanted to try it all out.

"So there was this black guy with big thighs doing all the ballet moves."

Sterling's group - which also includes Kazeem Ajobe and Joey James - are now a favourite to win the show and he hopes to be an inspiration to others.

He added: "I'm living proof you don't need to turn to crime to earn a living. I've worked hard and that work is paying off."

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