Dykeenies, The

The Dykeenies

Tomorrow’s music today

If the Arctic Monkeys weren’t enough to convince you that having an iffy moniker needn’t hold a talented bunch back, this catchy Cumbernauld quintet have been sending shockwaves through the Glasgow gig scene with a whole host of hysteria-fuelled shows, but it’s their infectious and synth-tinged scratchy guitar pop that looks set to make them household names around the country before the year is out.

So where on earth did The Dykeenies spring from? Well, like their fellow strangely-named brethren, the band muscled in on the MySpace phenomenon, touting their tracks online and building up a devoted fanbase which ensured their first gig at Glasgow’s ABC2 sold out completely.

That’s fast work for any up and coming mob . . . Indeed. The rather dapper-looking fellows only formed in June of last year and have already achieved the much coveted combination of live notoriety, press attention and a record deal with King Tut’s Recordings whose first release was their ‘New Ideas/Will It Happen Tonight’ in July.

But might this be just another case of media darlings who are hyped today and gone tomorrow? Cynicism is never an attractive trait . . . these three brothers and two childhood friends show no signs of cracking under pressure, are gearing up for a UK-wide tour as part of the NME’s Rock & Roll Riot line-up in October and boast a plethora of snappy tunes complete with soaring choruses waiting to be recorded. Just you try and stop them.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 14 Sep.

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