Exposure: Baths

Exposure: Baths

LA electronicist Will Wiesenfeld talks to us ahead of UK tour dates

LA native Will Wiesenfeld recorded music under several aliases – [Post-foetus] and Geotic – before settling on his current moniker, Baths. Following the release of debut album Cerulean, he's now set to tour the UK in support of his follow-up, Obsidian. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself.

Describe Baths' music in six words
Songwriting with an electronic palette, kinda?

In a Pitchfork interview earlier this year, you mentioned you wanted to make Baths more of a full band experience. What can people in the audience expect from a Baths live show on this tour?
I have another band member with me onstage now, Morgan Greenwood, and the show is moving closer to that full band feel. We are each responsible for quite a bit onstage. There's enough stuff with us that we have room to improvise in moments, which is a wonderful change my old setup. And I'm singing a lot more :)

Is Baths, at its core, still you, or are you aiming to make it a more collaborative project?
Still me, but learning how to collaborate appropriately. While working creatively with another person, I think it's a delicate balance between freshening up and adulterating your own ideas... but Morgan is a brilliant dude and I'm sure we'll make some rad material together.

The overall sound of Obsidian seems a bit poppier and more immediately accessible that Cerulean, although the lyricism (which is a lot more to the foreground in this album) deals with pretty dark imagery. Is that light/dark mix something you were consciously trying to achieve with this album, or do you have a different take on it?
Yes, definitely. I find that sort of contrast in music really interesting, and weirder records tend to have more longevity because there's more to discover. I was trying my hand at making something with that sort of sentiment :)

What music would you recommend we listen to that we probably haven't heard yet?
My big ones right now are:
Emptyset – 'Collapsed' EP
Azeda BoothIn Flesh Tones
Micachu and the ShapesNever [you can listen to all three below].

Finally, bathtime: best enjoyed alone or with company?
Either ;D

CCA, Glasgow, Sun 24 Nov & Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, Mon 25 Nov.

emptyset - Collapse [Official HD]


Electro/acoustic experimentation from LA musician Will Wiesenfeld.

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