Paul Vickers & The Leg (4 stars)

Paul Vickers

Nice’n’Sleazy’s, Glasgow, Tue 6 Nov


Rock’n’roll clichés, eh? Musicians trashing their instruments, throwing TVs out of their hotel room windows, and erm . . . their backing bands modelling terrifying panda-meets-voodoo-skeleton outfits. The last one is yet to catch on as much as it deserves, and for that we should all feel a little sorry, but it adds a pleasantly malevolent edge to what is a true firecracker of a set.

Introducing himself by saying, ‘I was in a band called Dawn of the Replicants,’ the legendary Mr Vickers provides a superbly ramshackle snarl to accompany the flawless noodlings of his monochrome musicians. Fans of deadpan between-song banter will want for nothing, and there’s a spoken word track, which he assures the audience is only a couple of minutes long and is like John Cooper Clarke with the ferocity turned down. ‘I sing songs about redneck champagne, life struggles and hogwash. I like a nice sweet cup of tea and the noise of a cork being drawn from a bottle.’ Voodoo? Yes, I certainly do – and hopefully one day everyone else will see the light too.

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