The X Factor's Jeanette reveals kidnap horror

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 October 2013
Miss Dynamix at the Thor premiere

Jeanette Akua (centre) with Miss Dynamix

'The X Factor' star Jeanette Akua, one third of Miss Dynamix, has revealed she was held at gunpoint and kept hostage for two days in her native South Africa when she was just 18

'The X Factor' star Jeanette Akua was once kidnapped and held at gunpoint.

The South African native - who forms one third of girl band Miss Dynamix with Rielle Carrington and SeSe Foster - has opened up about a harrowing ordeal she experienced in her home country, revealing that she was terrified when a group of men kidnapped her from the streets of Johannesburg and held her ransom for two days.

She said: "I thought they were going to kill us. In South Africa people are murdered for less than 2p. You hear about these stories but you never think it will happen to you."

The 21-year-old beauty - who now lives in London - was 18 at the time of the scary incident and was handing out flyers when she and a friend were taken.

She explained: "They made us sit in the corner, refused to give us any water or let us use the phones. They had guns. My friend understood them a bit. They were saying, 'This is a gold mine for us.' They could tell we came from good backgrounds.

"They were calling us 'cheese girl' which means little rich girl. I honestly thought I was going to die. That kind of thing happens in South Africa."

Finally, Jeanette and her pal were freed when their employers negotiated a £400 ransom with the kidnappers.

The singer added: "I was so ¬traumatised I could hardly speak. I am lucky to be alive."

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