Mel B's reignited passion for music

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  • 26 October 2013
Mel B

Mel B

Mel B says judging 'America's Got Talent' reignited her "passion" for music, leading to her new track 'For Once in My Life'

Mel B says 'America's Got Talent' reignited her "passion" for music.

The former Spice Girls star recently released her first solo track in eight years, 'For Once in My Life', and says she had lost interest in recording until she joined the panel of the reality show.

Explaining the meaning behind the song, she said: "I think for me it's about getting back into music again, it's been eight years and I wanted it to be a feel good factor and the message from me is I've been in the dark, the passion wasn't there and I didn't have that fire in my tummy.

"Then doing 'America's Got Talent' really did inspire me to want to get back up on stage again."

While Mel is proud of the track, she is also worried about being "deluded" as to whether it is genuinely good or not.

She added: "I mean, you can be a bit delusional and think your music's really good and it's not but hopefully I'm not like that."

The singer also admitted she has worked "backwards" on releasing the track, only promoting it once it was available, but says she couldn't wait to put out the song because she was so excited for people to hear it.

She told The Naked Truth with J.Son online radio show: "I recorded the single and shot the video three days later, then I thought, 'I have a single and a video but no record company, me and my husband doing it ourselves and it's cost an arm and a leg so now what do I do?'

"And I just released it on the internet and so far so good and now I'm doing the promo, I'm doing everything a bit backwards. I didn't want to hold on to it, and luckily it was a good reaction."

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