The Ting Tings (4 stars)

The Ting Tings

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 17 Oct


If record labels really must go getting caught up in unseemly ‘bidding wars’, the least they can do is make sure they’re getting a good band. Columbia recently won the squabble for Manchester duo The Ting Tings, and this Reverend and the Makers support gig suggests they’ve signed a great band, whose name will be on numerous pairs of lips come this time next year.

Comprising singer and guitarist Katie White (blonde, gregarious dress sense, nice hat and attitude) and drummer Jules De Martino (efficient, ordinary, never getting to stand in front of White in the press pics), they merge The White Stripes’ dynamic with CSS’ ragged spirit and The Go! Team’s ear for a great pop hook. Much of the early hype is based on the electrifying pop brilliance of the song ‘That’s Not My Name’ (‘Are you calling me darling?/Are you calling me bird?/That’s not my name!’), but every moment of this modest five-song set screamed of great things to come.

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