SECC, Glasgow, Sun 25 Nov


It’s a rock truism. Some bands burn out, some fade away while a few just keep rolling on for an age, undaunted by critical opinion and undimmed in their fans’ affections. Stereophonics are an archetypal example of the last lot, having weathered the loss of their drummer Stuart Cable in heated circumstances, their old manager’s protracted departure, and Kelly Jones’ awful lyric for ‘Mr Writer’.

Yet here they are, playing venues like the SECC and celebrating their last album Pull the Pin getting to number one. It’s easy to imagine they don’t give the slightest hint of a toss what anyone bar the fans thinks of them.

‘We were never the type of band who wanted to be in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons,’ says bassist Richard Jones, a man so laid-back and Welsh he could almost be a Super Furry Animal. ‘We just wanted to create a large catalogue, meet lots of nice people on the way, and play with some of our heroes. And that’s pretty much what we’ve done – we’ve played on the same stage as the Stones, The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 . . .’

Doesn’t sound like a bad life really, does it? With Javier Weyler now installed as their permanent new drummer and each album – Pull the Pin is their sixth – yielding at least one or two more barrel-chested stadium anthems, the horizon of the Stereos’ career looks a long distance away.

‘Well, there’s always something new to sing about, isn’t there?’ asks Jones. ‘Barring illness or more band members leaving, I can’t see anything stopping us now.’


Croaky Kelly and chums return in support of their latest album Scream Above the Sounds.

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