Carol Vorderman makes emergency landing flying solo

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  • 25 October 2013
Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman was forced into an emergency landing while flying solo when she began to smell burning

Carol Vorderman was forced into an emergency landing while flying solo.

The 52-year-old 'Loose Women' presenter was flying 1,200ft above Gloucestershire Airfield in Staverton, in the south west of England, when she began to smell burning and had to landed the Piper PA-28 plane.

Carol told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I started lifting up at 65 knots and there was a slight smell like a fire in the distance, but I thought, 'that doesn't matter now'.

"I got to 1,000 feet and wanted to get up to 2,000. At 1,200 feet there was this huge whoosh and a burning smell through the cabin, and the engine started making noises."

The star - who is planning to fly around the world on a 29,000-mile solo mission next year - managed to remain calm and land the aircraft safely.

Carol insisted she was well prepared for an emergency situation due to the training she's received from her instructor.

She added: "There wasn't a moment to think, 'is this the end?' I stayed calm and went immediately into emergency checks, put the throttle down and radioed the airfield, so I could go down to land.

"Afterwards I was a bit jittery because I had two wings full of fuel.

"I was really well prepared thanks to expert training from my instructor Debra Ford. They are investigating what happened, but it looks like a slight oil leak."

The incident hasn't scared the former 'Countdown' star who is hoping to be flying again at the weekend.


1. Rob Harnage1 Feb 2015, 4:38pm Report

Carol, I know this is an older article but I just wanted to say "Job well done" and to ask if you completed your flight training and realize your goal of flying solo around the globe? Speaking from experiencs as a search and rescue pilot with 25 years plus flying experience can say that your instincts and training serve you well. I know a lot of pilots who have had a lot of training but they didn't have the instinct (Natural) ability that you demonstrated in handling your emergency on departure. I am interested in hearing how you are coming along in your aviation path. Gods Speed, Rob

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