Mark Wright nervous about proposing to Michelle Keegan

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  • 22 October 2013
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright was so anxious about proposing to Michelle Keegan, it took him days to work up the courage to get down on one knee

Mark Wright took four days to pluck up the courage to propose to Michelle Keegan.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' hunk was planning on popping the question to the 'Coronation Street' beauty as soon as he whisked her off on a romantic holiday to Dubai last month, but found himself stalling because he was so nervous.

He recalled: "I had to find the perfect sport on the beach, as I wanted a table about 100 yards away - so it couldn't be seen from where I was going to propose - facing the ocean where we could sit and have a glass of champagne as the sun set.

"I would have liked to have done it on the second day, but I was too nervous. Then when it got to the fourth day, halfway though our holiday, I was like, 'Right, it's got to happen now'."

Michelle was stunned Mark had recreated the romantic "ideal proposal" she had mentioned during a casual conversation months before.

The 26-year-old brunette gushed: "Mark remembered how one night ages ago when we were just friends, before we were going out, and I'd said my ideal proposal, my dream when I was younger, was that I'd be on a beach, I'd be wearing white and it'd be in the evening at sunset.

"I'd be walking and turn around and the boy would be on one knee. I didn't think anything more it. It wasn't like a big thing that I'd told him..."

However, Mark already had set his sights on Michelle and was waiting for the ideal moment to put his plan into action.

He added in an interview with HELLO! magazine: "I fancied her even then, so I thought, I'd better remember this. I put it in my head and never forget it."

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