Marlon Wayans thinking about White Chicks 2

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 October 2013
Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans has revealed he and brother Shawn are "thinking about" producing a sequel to their hit 2004 comedy 'White Chicks'

Marlon Wayans is considering a 'White Chicks' sequel.

The talented comedian has revealed he and brother Shawn Wayans have had discussions about reprising their gender-bending roles from the hit 2004 comedy in a follow-up.

The sibling duo played FBI agents who go undercover in drag, taking on the identity of privileged twin sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, in the laugher, which has become a cult classic.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Wayans said: "Actually, we've been thinking about doing a sequel, so we'll see. Maybe we all will get our wish. But seven hours of make-up... I'm not looking forward to that! Poor white women, does it really take you seven hours to put your make-up on?!"

While the star has had a string of hit movies - including his role in recent horror comedy 'A Haunted House' - he admits that his famous 'White Chicks' character continues to follow him.

Wayans added: "I get quotes from 'White Chicks' all the time. I get that, and then I get Shorty quotes [from 'Scary Movie'], and then I get 'Don't Be a Menace [to Society]' quotes still to this day and that's like 20 years ago. But it's a compliment.

"It's all, 'Making my way down town', or 'Hold my poodle dog', 'There's a beautiful chocolate man' and 'You mean to tell me you're not... white?!' "

The actor recently wrote, produced and starred in horror spoof 'A Haunted House', which pokes fun at the 'Paranormal Activity' films, and he says he was inspired by the seemingly unlikely events seen in franchise.

He explained: "I watched 'Paranormal Activity' and I was just like, 'White people do really dumb stuff in these movies. What if this happened to a black couple?' That's where the idea came from and from there, we started thinking about jokes."

'A Haunted House' is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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