Introducing . . . The GRV

Lo fidelity allstars

The Lo Fidelity Allstars

The best new venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh. This month: The GRV, Edinburgh

Residents A comprehensive array of local talent providing a variety of styles. Regulars include GT, Joe Jerome and Scottieboy.

Guests Lo Fidelity Allstars (pictured) kick things off in a big way on the opening night (Friday 16 November). Other guests include rising stars such as the hip hoppy techno of Bob Techno (23 November) and the drum & bass of Termite and Morphy (17 November).

Music policy Drum & Bass, chill out, straight up techno and much more will please crowds of all tastes.

What they say ‘The GRV has a 250 capacity main venue with a digital audio system, full LED lighting set up and a full motion drive VJing set up. Musically, the GRV will feature a variety of nights including live sessions, drum & bass, sublime beats and much more, creating an extra sensory experience with live electronic artists and creative DJs providing some of the most forward thinking experimental wonky beats you’ll find in the city. The GRV will be running live entertainment throughout the week catering to all tastes in music, film and art.’

What we say The set up certainly looks thorough and the nights on at the venue promise something cheese free yet catering for a whole variety of tastes. The drum & bass on offer at night ‘Bumpin’ Uglies’ will go for an important niche in the market while ‘Wonky Wallpaper’ provides a whole range of visual treats in terms of art and projections combined with good tunes. All of this is accompanied by a top of the range sound system and awesome visual set up. Overall, this appealing new venue seems to have given a lot of thought to the Edinburgh club scene. Eclectic nights for a discerning party crowd are definitely on the agenda at the GRV.

The GRV, Edinburgh, opens Fri 16 Nov. See listings for full details.

The GRV has since been relaunched as The Store.

The GRV Launch Night

The new club space opens with a DJ set from Lo-Fidelity Allstars and IDC and a live set from Jack Butler.

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