X Factor's Shelley Smith slams Twitter trolls

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 October 2013
Shelley Smith

Shelley Smith

Former 'X Factor' wannabe Shelley Smith has slammed Twitter trolls after they sent her abusive messages during her time on the show

Shelley Smith has slammed Twitter trolls after being axed from 'The X Factor'.

The blonde star, who was voted off the show after landing in the bottom two on Sunday night (20.10.13) with boy band Kingsland Road, said some social networking site users took it too far when they branded her "fat" and mentioned her young daughter.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I tend to try and not read the nasty comments. I get a lot of tweets about my appearance, people making fun of me.

"The worst thing I saw was someone made a picture of me dressed up as someone hugely fat.

"They then put a picture of a little girl in front saying it was my daughter, it wasn't very nice.

"I thought, 'Pick at me, I don't care, I'm comfortable with who I am, but don't mess with my daughter.'

"There's nothing wrong with my daughter, she's beautiful, do not go there."

Despite the online abuse, Shelley has enjoyed "every single minute" of her experience on 'The X Factor' and being mentored by Sharon Osbourne.

The white van driver said: "It's hard work, everyone is exhausted, but it's brilliant.

"Everyone is so lovely and they've made me feel so at home, it's totally changed my life and the way I feel about myself.

"Sharon is amazing, she's got my back, and she's been very involved in everything.

"It's unfortunate she lost Lorna [Simpson] and then me, but she has Sam Bailey and she's a corker of a singer."

Sharon already has gigs lined up for Shelley and is planning where to take her career next, with talk of her becoming a West End star.

Shelley said: "Sharon has been texting me telling me to be myself and hold my head high.

"She said she loves me, my voice and my personality."

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