Preview: joint exhibition exploring the work of Mounira al Solh and Sarah Forrest

Preview: joint exhibition exploring the work of Mounira al Solh and Sarah Forrest

Dinosaurs by Mounira al Solh

The artists use film to tackle topics from Margaret Tait to Syrian emmigration

Thinking locally and acting globally is increasingly becoming the CCA's raison d'etre. No more is this evident than in these twin solo shows by two very different artists working in film.

Glasgow-based Sarah Forrest looks to Jean Paul Sartre's novel Nausea to question notions of narrative between film and text. She first explored these ideas after being awarded the Margaret Tait Residency in 2012,  which resulted in Forrest's film homage to Tait, that now. Mounira Al Solh, meanwhile, follows on from her installation Dinosaurs, an investigation of independent American film-maker John Cassavetes, with an exploration of the recent Syrian immigration to Beirut following the civil war in a work that couldn't be more current.

A programme of older film works by both artists will also be screened alongside the two new commissions. This will feature two films by Forrest, including that now, and five by al Solh in a programme lasting just shy of three hours. While coming from different places and experiences, the common ground between both artists should become vividly apparent.

CCA, Glasgow, until Sun 10 Nov.

Mounira al Solh and Sarah Forrest

Double solo show: Amsterdam artist Mounira al Solh responds to the recent immigration from Syria to Beirut, while Glasgow-based artist Forrest draws on her own research into the films of Margaret Tait.

Curator's Tour: Mounira al Solh / Sarah Forrest

A guided look at the two artists' works, currently on exhibit at the CCA.