Albums round-up - October 2013

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  • 22 October 2013
Albums round-up - October 2013

New releases from Lee Ranaldo and the Dust, White Denim and Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters reviewed

Lee Ranaldo and the Dust – Last Night On Earth

(Matador) ●●●●
Lee Ranaldo's second 'solo' release since Sonic Youth's abrupt hiatus in 2011 is a much more explorative and varied experience compared to his predecessor Between the Time and The Tides, but still boasts Ranaldo's uniquely skewed ear for melody. Split into four 'sides' with no track shorter than five minutes, Last Night On Earth is an album to sit down to and get lost in. Verging from warm Americana-influenced driving songs to cerebral psychedelic jams, sometimes even in the space of a single song, LNOE is a brand new trip while still sounding uniquely dreamy and uniquely Ranaldo.

Saint Max and The Fanatics – Saint Max Is Missing And The Fanatics Are Dead

(Armellodie) ●●●●
On their debut album, the sickeningly young and talented Saint Max and The Fanatics never overcook their fleshed-out horn-led sound and use it not as an aesthetic gimmick, but to drive home their already solid, driving rhythms and frantic fanatical narratives being spewed out by the confident and stylish Saint Max himself. Tying together the best of sardonic British indie, punk and ska from decades past with buckets of original hummable melody, swagger and sunshine, this is a promising and satisfying first ray of light from some bright young things worth letting into your life.

White Denim – Corsicana Lemonade

(Downtown) ●●●●
White Denim's latest offering is cut from the same oil-soaked motor-city-mad rags that they've clearly been huffing for years, but it's difficult to resist the ballsy stomp of opener 'At Night in Dreams' which calls to mind the urgency of classic Kiss. Their quest for sublime grooves and slick fuzz takes them through a cavalcade of dextrous riffs and righteous jams, with the likes of the eponymous 'Corsicana Lemonade' and 'Come Back' simply begging to be heard screaming from a passing Cadillac as it scorches down some classic American highway.

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters – Tomorrow Is Another Day

(Bureau) ●●●●
Tomorrow is Another Day is the second collaborative release between electronic artist Ulrich Schnauss and instrumentalist Mark Peters. In this collection they mine spacey 80s electronic landscapes and dust them with organic instrumental sounds such as piano, bass, guitar and voice to produce a sublimely ambient yet vibrant and communicative body of work that although certainly reads from the pages of the Boards of Canada handbook, is confidently a unique product of these two diverse musical personalities. A wistful reflective trip into the outer reaches, TIAD makes for perfect solo listening.

Saint Max & the Fanatics

Wry pop band championed by Steve Lamacq and Vic Galloway.

White Denim

Texas band described as 'craftsmen of a spastic garage'.

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust

Alternative rock by the American singer-songwriter and guitarist and member of Sonic Youth with his accompanying band.