Various (3 stars)


Marvel Europa (Marvel UK)


Last fortnight we had a collection of the UK’s best writers and artists. This issue we look at Europa a collection bringing together a selection of European creators as they tackle Marvel’s roster of superheroes. First we have French writer Jean-David Morvan’s story of Wolverine in Brazil, there are elements of City of God however the pacing feels jumpy in places, but Philippe Bouchet’s dynamic art gives the action a certain zest.

Next up, Italian team Tito Faraci and Claudio Villa bring Captain America and Daredevil together for a crossover as they take on the nefarious Deathstalker in a solid if fairly generic piece. Finally, Giorgio Cavazzano brings Spider-Man to his native Venice for a comic tale told in a cartoon style. It’s a fun collection, and you can certainly see a different, refreshing approach to story and art that you only get from a completely new creative team.

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