Gordon Ramsay spies on his daughter

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  • 18 October 2013
Gordon Ramsay with Jonathan Ross

Gordon Ramsay with Jonathan Ross

Gordon Ramsay has confessed he spies on his 15-year-old daughter Megan with a hidden camera he had installed in bedroom so he can see what she gets up to with her boyfriend when they claim they are "revising" together

Gordon Ramsay has confessed he spies on his daughter with a hidden camera.

The 'Hell's Kitchen' star worries about what his eldest daughter, 15-year-old Megan, is doing with her boyfriend in her bedroom when they claim to be revising.

So Gordon asked his 13-year-old son Jack - who has a twin sister Holly - to install the secret recording advice in his sibling's room on top of her cupboard so he can check up on her whenever he wants.

Making his confession on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' - which will air on Saturday (19.10.13) - he said: "They've been spending a lot of time in her room recently. But revising. Revising?! They seem to be spending a lot of time revising and yet the results aren't ... So I've been a bit naughty over the last couple of weeks because I got Jack a little Go-Pro, one of those little secret cameras."

Recalling the moment he bribed Jack to put the camera up, Gordon - who also has 11-year-old daughter Matilda with wife Tana - added: "So I said to Jack, 'Look mate, here's 20 quid, go and target your big sister's room and put that camera right at the top left-hand side of the wardrobe.' "

The 46-year-old TV chef's daughter Megan and her boyfriend were sat in the studio as he made his confession much to the shock and amusement of the audience.

Gordon added: "So, Megan, I'd like to talk to you about your revising."

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