John Wagner, Alan Grant & Jose Ortiz (3 stars)

Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor (Hibernia)


The 80s British comic boom is best-remembered these days as the glory days of 2000AD, when such creators as Alan Moore and Grant Morrison came to prominence. Yet, other contemporary comics from the same IPC/Fleetway stable – including Scream!, the horror anthology in which this tale first appeared – are virtually forgotten. Which is a shame, because they featured a ridiculous wealth of twisted ideas.

Most of these sprang from the pen of the then Judge Dredd writing team John Wagner and Alan Grant, who wrote The Thirteenth Floor under the joint alias Ian Holland. The story of Max, an experimental tower block computer who creates a holographic extra floor on his building to secretly torture villains and antisocial types, this monochrome mini-epic now feels somewhat dated. Yet Jose Ortiz’ art is as ghoulish as anything in EC’s classic horror library, and this collected edition’s a worthwhile nostalgia trip for readers of a certain age.

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