Ian Beale 'on the Edge'

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  • 17 October 2013
Adam Woodyatt

Adam Woodyatt

Ian Beale is "on the edge" as he prepares to lie under oath for Carl White in 'EastEnders'

Ian Beale is "on the edge" as he prepares to give evidence in 'EastEnders'.

The businessman - played by Adam Woodyatt - is being blackmailed by the evil Carl White into lying under oath to say Max Branning was responsible for the car crash which nearly ended Walford hardman Phil Mitchell's life, but the pressure is getting to him.

A source told Inside Soap magazine: "Ian is on the edge and we all know that is a dangerous place for him. It's not as if he dislikes Max or wants to see him harmed, it's just he's terrified of Carl and what he might do to him. Ian's never been very good with tough guys."

Ian has not told his family he didn't really see Max tampering with the car's brake pads on the day of the accident, but when he gets wound up during an important day at his restaurant and goes mad in front of the customers, he secretly confides in his bewildered son, Peter.

The insider added: "Ian's faced with a choice between upsetting his beloved son and keeping his kneecaps intact. But now that Peter knows, is Ian going to be able to get away with doing such a rotten thing?"

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