Chloe Sims: Joey Essex is happier without Sam Faiers

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 October 2013
Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims insists her cousin Joey Essex has been in a much better place since things ended with his fiancé Sam Faiers

Chloe Sims says Joey Essex is over Sam Faiers.

'The Only Way Is Essex' star insists her cousin has definitely moved on from his ex-fiancé since the pair called off their engagement earlier this year following a series of blazing rows.

Asked whether Joey was happier being single, Chloe told new! magazine: "He's a lot happier."

Despite their apparent on-screen drama, Chloe insists she is still friends with Sam and says her only problem lies with the busty blonde's meddling sister Billie Faiers.

The mother-of-one said: "Whatever the show may have looked like, me and Sam never had a hateful relationship. We've never ever had an argument.

"I think I have a problem with some of the things that went on between Sam and Joey, and I'm sure Billie had the same feelings ... If there was any interfering, it was coming from that side."

The 31-year-old reality star also slammed claims she recently had a facelift after photos emerged of her partying in Las Vegas looking puffy-faced.

Chloe scoffed: "I was going for a natural look. I had just landed. I'd like to fly those thousands of people to Vegas and see how nice they look! I had 15 minutes to get ready. I had no eyelashes on, I was tired. I took a sleeping tablet on the flight so my eyes were probably a little drowsy and I had a top knot.

"I haven't had any surgery - a nose job, or all the other made things they were saying. I was going down the natural route ... that is what I actually look like."

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