Lady Gaga previews G.U.Y.

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  • 15 October 2013
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has previewed a new track from 'ARTPOP' called 'G.U.Y.', which stands for 'Girl Under You' and is a "new-age feminist" song

Lady Gaga has previewed a new track from 'ARTPOP' called 'G.U.Y.'

The singer released a snippet of the song - an acronym for 'Girl Under You' - which was co-produced by Zedd, who also worked on the tracks 'Aura' and 'Donatella' from the album.

In the clip, Gaga can be heard saying: "Love me, love me / Please retweet / Let me be the girl under you that makes you cry / I want to be that G.U.Y."

Gaga has previously talked about the song, and its underlying feminist message.

She said: "Any kind of feminist has valid views for herself about what it means to be a feminist, but, as a new-age feminist, I would say I quite like the transference of strength I feel by submitting to a man - being under him.

"I actually wrote a song about it on my album, it's called 'G.U.Y' and it stands for 'Girl Under You'. So wearing make-up, smelling delicious and having suckable, kissable, edible things between your limbs is something I find strengthening because I know that when I pick the right guy, I can let him have it.

"Some women feel oppressed by make-up and clothing, and here's to them, they have every right to feel that way as well."

'ARTPOP' is released on November 11.

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