The Face's Natalie Ward intimidated by Naomi Campbell

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  • 15 October 2013
Natalie Ward

Natalie Ward

Aspiring model Natalie Ward says Naomi Campbell's temper tantrums were by far the "scariest" part of being on 'The Face'

'The Face' contestant Natalie Ward found Naomi Campbell's tantrums scary.

The Bournemouth University student - who was axed from the modelling competition on Monday night's episode (14.10.13) - claims Naomi's fury after one of the girls on her team, Jessica Martin, was booted by rival judge Caroline Winberg in a revenge plot last week was one of the "scariest" moments of the competition.

Natalie - who was mentored by Erin O'Connor - exclusively revealed to BANG Showbiz: "The scariest Naomi moment was when Jessica got eliminated, I was so scared! I had to look for Erin and she was like, 'Be cool, be cool', because I've never seen [Naomi get angry] up close and personal."

Despite Naomi's temper tantrums and scathing opinions on the Sky Living HD reality series, Natalie insists her diva-like behaviour is justified because the 43-year-old supermodel is passionate about the contestants and tries to mentor her girls with "tough love".

The 18-year-old beauty said: "[Naomi] doesn't [hold back her opinion] but that's what I like, when people are honest. I was so scared when I did my first photo shoot with her because when you walk into a room you are just aware that her eyes are on you. She is definitely a tough love type of judge.

"I can't describe it; it's really amazing to work with Naomi Campbell and have my first ever photo shoot was with her, I am so honoured to even work with her. She can be a diva - but who isn't?"

Natalie was unimpressed with Swedish supermodel Caroline's decision to eliminate her over Chloe Jasmine Whichello, however, and believes the decision was part of bigger game plan.

She said: "I don't think it was my time to go home and I think [Caroline] could see that, but she sent me home anyway just so she could win. There is being tactical and there is being unfair. She definitely has a game plan. "

'The Face' airs Mondays at 9pm exclusively on Sky Living HD.

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