Matt Richardson hates watching himself back on Xtra Factor

Matt Richardson can't stand watching himself back on 'The Xtra Factor' because he feels viewers will think show bosses have just got a "bloke in off the street" to co-present with Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack and Matt Richarsdon

Matt Richardson and Caroline Flack

Matt Richardson can't stand watching himself back on 'The Xtra Factor'.

The 22-year-old comic has replaced Olly Murs as Caroline Flack's co-host on the 'X Factor' spin off show, and though he loves being part of the programme, he can't bear to tune in because it feels so bizarre.

He said: "It's really strange. It's like being in the telly. I love it. It's really interesting - you get to hang out with some of the coolest people in the world, but it is still very odd.

"It feels like they've let a bloke in off the street to do it. I can't sit and watch myself while it goes out because it's just awful."

Matt admits he was stunned to be offered the presenting role on the programme as he initially met with show bosses about a comedy slot.

He added to heat magazine: "I went in for a meeting with an exec, as I just thought I'd be doing stand-up on the show and she went, 'So we're looking for a replacement for Olly'. And I said, 'Er, I shouldn't be here then. I, a stand-up, I've never done any telly. I've never done any presenting.'

"I did a screen test with Caroline and then I got a phone call two weeks later saying they'd like to give it to me."


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