5 reasons why you need to attend The Outer Church

The Outer Church

First Glasgow and Edinburgh nights from Brighton-based 'uncanny audiovisual event'

1.These are the first Scottish nights from Brighton-based 'uncanny audiovisual event' The Outer Church. Curated by music writer Joseph Stannard, The Outer Church is a portral to the weird currents in contemporary culture.

2. Each line-up is 'designed to work like a sigil or incantation', claims Stannard. 'It’s occasionally mislabelled an “experimental” event which suggests something wholly abstract and difficult. I’ve booked a wide variety of artists, from folk-based songwriters to analogue synth improvisers. What unites the participants is that their work explicitly gestures beyond the mundane'.

3. These dates mark the live debut of Broken3, a collaborative excursion into dub-techno from TVO, Production Unit and Erstlaub, artists associated with Glasgow-based label Broken20. It's also the first chance to see dark ambient overlord Black Mountain Transmitter outside of Ireland.

4. Embla Quickbeam, aka Rowan Forestier-Walker, last performed in Glasgow amidst the magical kinetic sculptures of the Sharmanka Gallery, an ideal setting for her 'beautifully gnarled, twisted, pastoral' sound, which Stannard calls 'the distilled essence of wyrd'.

5. With Hallowe'en approaching, both nights features a screening of cult filmmaker/ musician Graham Reznick's psychedelic backwoods horror movie I Can See You. Reznick also contributed to the OC's outstanding compilation album on Manchester label Front & Follow. 'The aim is to enchant the congregation, to bewitch them, says Stannard. ‘Then feed them to the Outer Gods. I'm joking of course. Probably'.

The Outer Church, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 25 Oct; Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, Sat 26 Oct.

Read our interview with Joe Stannard and listen to his special Hallowe’en mixtape.

The Outer Church

Self-styled 'occult strategies and weird sonic fiction' at this compilation launch.