Point Close All Quotes: A Quietus Anthology (Ed. Charles Ubaghs) (5 stars)

Point Close All Quotes: A Quietus Anthology

Essential anthology of passionate opinion and off-the-beaten-track music journalism


The Quietus recently turned five, and anyone with an interest in continuing to treat music as a subject worthy of healthy, (mostly) grown-up discussion knows why that’s a good thing. With a printed music press kept alive by ever-narrower commercial imperatives and less of a focus on artistic debate merit, The Quietus is a well of quality music writing far removed from the repetitive clickbait of many major sites. As the editor of this first anthology (an eBook, with a physical release planned) points out in his introduction, John Doran and Luke Fowler’s site is against ‘musical tribalism, the established narratives of the traditional press and the flat-packed lifestyle-instead-of-life strain of writing.’

Or rather, as the inestimable Steven Wells has it in his opening essay ‘Death to Corduroy’, it’s the antidote to ‘a beige-coloured and wilfully underachieving fan/muso mutual masturbation industry that’s been slowly and dismally choking on its own vomit for years.’ Across 29 essays, the book discusses the Baby Boomers’ wrecking of pop culture, Rihanna’s abysmally overblown marketing, The Stone Roses’ debut, Sunn0))), Frank Ocean’s sexuality, the mighty Factory Floor, Aidan Moffat’s love for Nicola Roberts and a Reverend’s take on the ‘crimes’ of Pussy Riot. It’s filled with passionate opinion, off-the-beaten-track discovery and often abrasive personality, and it’s exactly what music writing needs more of in 2013. More, please.

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