Emmerdale's Cameron goes on gun rampage

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  • 11 October 2013
Cameron Murray

Cameron Murray

Emmerdale's Cameron Murray goes on a gun rampage next week when he shoots one of the locals and holds a dozen hostages in the village pub, The Woolpack

Emmerdale's Cameron Murray goes on a gun rampage next week.

The crazed killer - who is played by Dominic Power - shoots one of the locals in his reign of terror in the village pub, The Woolpack, where he is holding a dozen hostages, and the actor admits the unlucky recipient of his bullet is one of viewers' favourite characters.

Dominic said: "It is someone you are immediately going to worry about and feel sorry for.

"It's a great choice as that spins off and has its own complete storyline.

"The repercussions are felt not just for them but others around them."

Cameron's rampage sees him knock Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) unconscious after the loveable chef tries to stop him, and to add insult to injury the village is struck by a terrible storm and water begins running into the cellar where Marlon is lying out cold.

Dominic added to the Daily Star newspaper: "When he first gets into the Woolpack he is measured because he has to keep calm.

"Cameron is able to remain calm in very stressful situations. He has managed to get out of so many scrapes.

"He can become very measured and introverted, but he also has the capacity to be the polar extreme, which is scary. It is terribly arrogant to think he can get his own way after killing someone."

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