Luke Friend won't wash hair for The X Factor

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  • 11 October 2013
Luke Friend

Luke Friend

'X Factor' wannabe Luke Friend, who hasn't washed his hair for months, insists he won't wash his long locks for the live shows

'X Factor' hopeful Luke Friend won't wash his hair for the show.

The 17-year-old wannabe - who looks like Kimberley Walsh, according to his mentor Louis Walsh - is proud of his unkempt locks and insists he won't be smartening up his image when the live shows start this weekend.

He said: "I haven't washed my hair since [last] October. It's coming up to a year.

"[Will I wash it for the show?] No. I'm not cutting it or washing it. I found a leaf in my hair once. It'd probably been there a few days."

The teenage hopeful also confessed to having a crush on 'The Xtra Factor' host Caroline Flack.

He said: "I have got a bit of a crush on Caroline. She's cool and is just the type of girl I'd normally go for."

Luke also admitted that since appearing on the show he has been receiving rude messages from fans, both male and female.

He added to heat magazine: "I got sent a picture of a male body part. But yes, I've got other pictures from various women as well. I had to delete them all though. The male one made me laugh - I had to go and show it to all my friends straight away."

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