Andrea Begley hopes album will not follow Mitchell's 'mistakes'

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  • 11 October 2013
Andrea Begley

Andrea Begley

'The Voice' winner Andrea Begley hopes releasing her debut album 'The Message' on October 21, just four months after winning the BBC one show, will ensure she doesn't make similar "mistakes" made by the programme's first winner Leanne Mitchell

'The Voice' winner Andrea Begley hopes she has got the timing of her album release right to avoid similar "mistakes" made by Leanne Mitchell.

The Northern Irish singer admits she was "conscious" about getting her debut record 'The Message', which is released on October 21, out quickly after the BBC One talent show's first winner, whose first album took nearly a year to release and only reached number 134 in the UK charts, flopped.

Andrea - who won 'The Voice' in June - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think there's no doubt about it I was quite conscious that getting an album out sooner rather than later was quite important.

"I think [coach] Danny O'Donoghue had always impressed that upon me as well. No matter who won it was important to make sure they got an album out fairly soon.

"Hopefully we've managed to do that because we've got something coming out before Christmas. I think that's important. It's important to keep that momentum up.

"The public obviously want to hear something soon so hopefully I will be able to achieve it.

"I know that last year mistakes were made in terms of the timing so hopefully that's been corrected this year."

However, Andrea is confident 'The Message' will be a success, but admits there is nothing much she can do after the record is released.

She added: "It's beyond my control what happens really and I just hope people remember why they liked me in the show and that momentum continues.

"I think for me all I can do is be myself and work on the things I feel I have the ability for.

"All in all I'm happy with how the album has gone and it's got a lot of me in it which is great."

Andrea's debut album 'The Message' is released on October 21 through Universal Music. To pre-order the record visit: or

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