Artist Haegue Yang toys with venetian blinds and podcasts in latest exhibition

Artist Haegue Yang toys with venetian blinds and podcasts in latest exhibition

Three Folds and Multiple Twists 2013 Haegue Yang (c) Keith Hunter

Journal of Bouba / kiki will run simultaneously in the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Norway's Bergen Kunsthall

Born in Seoul and now based in the unofficial international artists' enclave of Berlin, Haegue Yang’s exhibition schedule finally brings her to Scotland, having exhibited extensively around the world. Significantly, this show will also present all-new work created during a Glasgow Sculpture Studios residency between June and September of this year.

Journal of Bouba / kiki follows Yang’s usual practice of adapting everyday objects and arranging them in a certain sequence or relationship to one another so that their meaning and purpose is questioned. She’s used heaters, fans and venetian blinds in her pieces, once creating a mechanical ‘organism’ of centrally-powered electrical devices that switched on and off in random sequence. On another occasion she literally unpacked an exhibition, creating works that were boxed up on the gallery floor for opening night and then slowly removing and mounting them over the course of the run. Here, with thematic if not actual links with a simultaneous solo show at the Bergen Kunsthall in Norway, she will display four separate works.

‘Three Folds and Multiple Twists’ is a new venetian blind piece that plays with Yang’s interest in the object’s function simply to conceal or reveal, with the blind having been reconfigured to open in a different manner. ‘Floating Knowledge and Growing Craft: Silent Architecture Under Construction’ and the pre-made ‘Spice Sheets’, meanwhile, are macramé and printed works that focus upon the process of making them rather than the actual result, with an accompanying iPod soundtrack of the music, podcasts and radio stations Yang listened to while creating them. ‘Two Ends of One’ is a series of casts of the artist’s hands in various ‘making’ positions, which seek to freeze the act of physical creation, while ‘Glasgow Tales of the Laugh’ collides photographs of the city with the words of Victor Hugo, both designed to contrast the industrial and the human in resonant fashion.

Glasgow Sculpture Studios, until Fri 20 Dec.

Haegue Yang: Journal of Bouba/kiki

First Scottish show for Berlin-based Korean artist interested in placing everyday objects in unfamiliar contexts and configurations. This show consists of works made over the course of a three-month residency in the studios, from June to September 2013.

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